May 11, 2015

JavaScript Frameworks Overview

A quick and simple overview about some famous JavaScript frameworks.

ExtJS - A set of GUI components used to develop front-end single page applications (SPA), that runs in the user browser (client-side), reading data from the back-end through AJAX calls. Uses the MVC and similar approaches. Developed by Sencha, closed-source.

AngularJS - Similar to ExJS, but without any GUI components, for this you need use some other GUI framework/library like Bootstrap. AngularJS is maintained by Google, open-source.

Bootstrap - Provides a set of responsive HTML/CSS/Javascript GUI components, used to develop websites and SPAs. Initially developed by the Twitter team, and now open-source.

JQuery - A JavaScript library that simplifies the client-side scripting of HTML, providing methods that abstracts the common operations like AJAX requests and manipulation of HTML elements. It's used by ExtJS and AngularJS.

GWT - Google Web Toolkit, It's a set of tools that allows create complex JavaScript front-end applications in Java.

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