Jun 24, 2017

Codility: Lessons Solved 100% JavaScript

Trying Codility's lessons? got stuck or just gave up? doesn't matter the reason, take a look here!

If you try the Codility's lessons, soon or later you'll get stuck, not because you can't necessarily guess the algorithm that gives the proper answer, but because it's just not fast enough! lowering the final score, because the test evaluation system takes in account not just correctness but also performance. In other words, a 100% correct answer but slow algorithm(score 0%) will score just 50% !

Many of the problems will make you think in a way that saves CPU execution time and/or memory space used to solve the problem. You can check some of the lessons solved in JavaScript here, 100% correctness and 100% performance, sometimes there are comments in the code to help the comprehension, that's it, good luck!