May 10, 2015

Java Applications Servers Overview

A quick and simple overview about some of the most used Java applications servers.

GlassFish - JavaEE application server, created by Sun Microsystems and now maintained by Oracle.

JBoss - JavaEE application server, created by JBoss and now maintained by Red Hat, hence the name, later renamed to WildFly.

WildFly - The 'new' JBoss application server, starting in the version 8.0.0 (2014). An example can be found here.

WebLogic - Java EE application server, it's  currently developed by Oracle, that acquired it from BEA Systems in 2008.

Tomcat - JavaEE server, created by Apache Foundation in 1999. It's old and not support all JavaEE specifications like JBoss or GlassFish, however it's lightweight, compact and very simple to use.

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