Aug 24, 2015

Starting With JBoss Application Server / WildFly

When Tomcat isn't enough, we need take a look at some alternatives, like the JBoss Application Server. Look here how to start with JBoss Application Server (that was renamed to Wildfly) and deploy an application, as well as see the server status and logs through the web interface.

First let's understand the names, as stated on JBoss website:

The JBoss AS community project has been renamed to the WildFly community project, which has a new home at
The JBoss name now only applies to the commercially supported product, called JBoss EAP, which is derived from the WildFly community project and is available here.
Start downloading the latest stable version, it's always the biggest file, at this post time was:

9.0.1.Final  2015-07-23  Java EE7 Full & Web Distribution 127 MB

The server contains the Linux and Windows files (.sh and .bat), this tutorial uses Windows, but if you are on Linux, just use the .sh files. Now extract the files, go to the bin folder, run the "standalone.bat" file to start the server and check if it is running at "localhost:8080", if there are no problems you should see this page:

The admin page is at "localhost:9990", the first time you should see a page like this:

Just follow the screen instructions... run "add-user.bat" and create a new user (use the suggested options), when done you can refresh the page and use the created username and password to access the admin page:

Now let's test it deploying a .war file, go to "Deployments" > "Add" > "Upload a new deployment" and upload your .war file, then its name will be available on the left menu of the page. But it's not running yet, to run pass the mouse over its name and click on "(En/Dis)able", a popup window will appear asking to confirm, after you confirm it will run at "localhost:8080/<your_application_name>":

That's it! We can see the JVM load at "Runtime" > "Standalone Server" > "JVM" > "View":

And if something goes wrong, like a failed deploy you can check the server log file at "Runtime" > "Standalone Server" > "Log Files" > "View":

That's all! If you want integrate with Eclipse, take a look here.

About the versions
  • Windows 7 x86
  • WildFly 9.0.1.Final
  • Java Version 1.8.0_31

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