Aug 24, 2015

Eclipse + JBoss / WildFly Integration

Look here how integrate the JBoss / Wildfly Application Server with the Eclipse IDE.

Go to the "servers" tab and create a new server:

Select this option:

Install the JBossAS Tools:

Now a new entry with the WildFly option is available, although only the version 8.x is available, it works with the version 9.x too:


Click next and select these options:

Now select the Wildfly path of your system, after this it will detect the "standalone.xml" configuration file automatically as below:

Click "Finish" and start the server:

Now you should see the Eclipse console with the server log file as well as the built-in browser (for Windows users) with your application running at "localhost:8080/<your_application_name>":

That's all!

About the versions
  • Windows 7 x86
  • Eclipse Java EE Luna 4.4.1
  • WildFly 9.0.1.Final
  • Java Version 1.8.0_31

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