May 10, 2015

Java Tools Overview

A quick and simple overview about some of the basic Java tools.

Ant - Old Java build system, it was used a lot in the past for build Java applications, it's like a Makefile for Java. Many legacy systems, libraries and projects still using it.

Maven - Successor of Ant build system, simpler and easier. Just copy the desired library dependency code in the configuration file, and Maven will download the library and setup your project to use it. An example of use can be seen here.

Eclipse - The most famous and used Java IDE, although support other programming languages. Rich of features like plugins and add-ons. The Android oficial IDE for example, is a modified version of Eclipse. An example using this IDE can be seen here.

Netbeans - Another Java (and other programming languages too) IDE, similar to Eclipse. The new Microchip IDE MPlab X for example, is a modified version of Netbeans.

JDeveloper - Another Java IDE, developed by Oracle, closed-source, but freeware. Although it isn't so popular like Eclipse or Netbeans, it provides a high level of abstraction and productivity due its wizards and visual tools, that generates automatically the code. The IDE is bundled with the Weblogic Java Application Server.

Javadoc - A tool for generate source code documentation from the source code comments, using annotations similar to comments in code. The documentation is generated in HTML format, but  plugins can be used to generate in other formats, like PDF. An example can be seen here.

WSImport - A tool that reads a web service WSDL file and then automatically generates the java classes to develop a client for access the web service methods. An example can be seen here.

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