Jun 13, 2015

Generic Register Read Write 1.1

New version of the GRRW tool. Smaller and improved! Example tests and a simpler version can be found HERE.

Usage: ./grrw -b <address> -o <offset> [OPTIONS]
  -b, --base <address>  Base register address
  -o, --offset <offset> Base register address offset (must be multiple of 32 bits)

  -w, --write <value>   Write <value> in the register
  -m, --mask <mask>     Mask used to read the register value
  -B, --bit <bit>       Register bit to be read or write. If write, -w must be 0 or 1

  -v, --version         Show version information
  -h, --help            Show this help

  Read:         ./grrw -b 0x000a0000 -o 0x4
  Write:        ./grrw -b 0x000a0000 -o 0x4 -w 0x5F
  Read w/ mask: ./grrw -b 0x000a0000 -o 0x4 -m 0x0F
  Read bit 7:   ./grrw -b 0x000a0000 -o 0x4 -B 7
  Set bit 7:    ./grrw -b 0x000a0000 -o 0x4 -B 7 -w 1
  Reset bit 7:  ./grrw -b 0x000a0000 -o 0x4 -B 7 -w 0



Binary Size Architecture
grrw_x86 6.7k x86_32
grrw_x86_static 223k x86_32
grrw_arm 7.1k arm_32
grrw_arm_static 210k arm_32

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