Jun 13, 2015

Raspberry Pi Soft-UART TX

A Raspberry Pi Software-based UART tool (TX only) through any GPIO pin. Details and limitations can be seen HERE.

Usage: ./softuartTX <gpio> <ascii>
  <gpio>        GPIO pin to be used to transmit <ascii>
  <ascii>       ASCII character to be sent. Only visible ASCII is allowed.

  -v, --version         Show version information
  -h, --help            Show this help

  The UART configuration is 9600 8N1

  Send ASCII 90(Z) through GPIO 4: ./softuartTX 4 Z
  Send ASCII 34(") through GPIO 4: ./softuartTX 4 \"



Binary Size Architecture
softuartTX 8.7k arm_32
softuartTX_static 199k arm_32

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