Jun 13, 2015

OpenCdNC - A CNC made from CDROM parts

OpenCdNC is an open-source CNC project, that was built using CD-ROM parts and cheap electronics. It allows print images as well as circuit boards over paper, copper or any other compatible material.

The Z axis can hold things like pen, pencil, marker or even a laser module to burn the material on the work area. Below you can see some examples, like a Nelson using a pen and then a pencil, over paper:

A Goku using a black marker over a FR-4 copper PCB board:

And some memes, of course!

The "trollface" meme print process can be seen below:

The software and firmware are open-source, they are available on Github, where you can check the full features, tutorials, images and videos of the CNC. Project page HERE.

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